Remote Patient Care Reimagined

Almond remotely tracks and analyzes a patient’s vital sign data on a continuous basis to provide real-time and proactive patient care.

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+ Secure HIPAA compliant infrastructure

+ Establish normal range of vitals for a patient based on care protocols

+ Track trends and flag abnormal vitals

+ Immediate alerts to care team

+ Platform prioritizes patients based on predetermined care protocols

+ Engaging & motivating user experience promoting greater results

Connected Devices

+ Cellular connected, no additional fees

+ No configuration necessary

+ Full deployment and maintenance support through life cycle

Care Team

+ 24 / 7 Service

+ Medically certified / trained nurses and assistants

+ Elastic capacity based upon need

+ Condition & practice specific protocols + Personalized patient care


Across the United States doctors trust their patients’ wellbeing to Almond and the Almond Care Team.

Starting a remote patient monitoring program has been great for my practice. Not only does it provide the best preventative care for my patients, insurance and Medicare covers the cost for most of my patients.

Dr. Delacruz
Cleveland Primecare Belmont

We believe that remote patient care is the future. Before we signed with Almond, we didn’t have the tools to do the RPM service. Now Almond has provided us with the RPM application where we can comprehensively manage our patients’ care.

Dr. Zivic
Cleveland Primecare

Almond has been great to work with. Their care coordinators alert our medical personnel to a potential problem. They also, on our behalf, contact and coordinate the care with the patient. We’ve never had so many patients sticking to their care regimen.

Dr Smith
Dr Smith MD

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